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Mermod Interchangeable 15" Cylinder Music Box
 Here is an outstanding Swiss interchangeable 15" cylinder music box! The mechanism is in top condition and highly polished. There are 4 cylinders that come with it and each has 6 elaborate tunes. These are all stored in a drawer inside a beautiful matching table. The case of the music box is 3 feet wide. You can hear how beautiful it sounds now. The price is excellent at $8,900.00.


Here is one of the best sounding music boxes from the 1840's I have ever had to offer! It is a solid brass bed-plate early key wind box with the three left hand controls that are hidden from view by a flop down door cover. It has the finest sweetest sound you'll ever hear on a key wind 13" box of this size! All eight tunes are excellent and a couple are recorded for your enjoyment on this listing. The replacement tune card gives the names of all of the tunes. You will find that the case finish is 100% original and in excellent condition. Also, the original lid lock works with the original key. That's pretty good after 160 years! Don't miss this Berens & Blumberg Co. piece as it ranks up there in quality with a DuCommun or LeCortier. This 20" long box is a collector's piece if I ever saw one.    Price before shipping  is $2,750.00.



Listen how it plays 




If you ever wanted to own one of the finest sounding cylinder formats that can be found, a fat or large diameter overture Nicole music box just about tops the list. This late 1840's box sports a large foot long cylinder that is over 3" in diameter. The solid brass bedplate is beautiful and predates the cast iron bedplates of later boxes. Inside the case you will find a reddish natural wood finish of the pre 1860 boxes that were always jet black inside the case. This one has the early tri-control levers left over from the earlier key wind mechanism days. It is great that after nearly 160 years, it still retains its original tune card. I have never had in 30 years had one this fine to offer! Don't miss this spectacular piece. They generally sell for $8,000/$10,000 but my price is way below that at $7,250.00. Case measures nearly two feet long at 22". Other sound files are available upon request.

Shipping in the US is $55.00 and to Europe as a direct airport pickup only.


          Please listen how it sounds.



Here is a fine Mermod Swiss cylinder music box which works off of a nickel coin and plays 12 tunes. It is on its original matching carved oak table and the finish is original on both pieces. The case measures 37" across and the table measures 44" across the front. There is a coin drawer that pulls out under the winding crank on the right side of the case. It is lockable with the key. The box plays fine, but the coin-op needs some adjustment and attention and will not always trip on to play when a coin is put in nor shut off after the song is finished. The coin mechanism is complete and should not be too hard to fix. The price is $6,750.00. Local pick up for this early 1890's box is allowed and shipment within the US is $450.00 as a direct airport pick up. Door to door would cost somewhat more. Please inquire with your destination if interested.

              Please listen how it plays.


Here is a truly wonderful novelty that is rarely found. This is a 1890's Kalliope musical Christmas Tree stand taking the special Kalliope saw tooth 7" diameter discs making a total of 6 songs. You can listen to a couple of selections as you view the pictures. The walnut case has the original finish as well as the cast iron tree cup. All of this instrument is 100% original. These are so fun to play at Christmas time or anytime of the year for that matter. The tree slowly revolves around as the music plays. Pretty good idea for over 100 years ago. The price offered is $2,650.00 plus shipping. It can go world wide.


 Please listen how it plays.




This is one of the best sounding 13 1/4" disc Kalliope music boxes I have had to offer! The rich sound is mesmerizing and so enjoyable. It has no damper noise to interfere with the rich tone of the well in tune original teeth. This mid 1890's piece measures 16" across the top and has a real nice engraved motif of the Kalliope name in the lid. The motor has good capacity and plays 5 to 6 discs when fully wound. The case is good and solid and pretty heavy. You will find that the lid print is almost perfect and very beautiful. It comes with 10 great sounding tune discs. Here's one to keep. Priced at fair offer at $2,400.00. Shipping in the US is $45.00 and to Europe $150.00 as a direct airport pickup only. Other countries in Asia, please enquire first before bidding.





Please listen how it plays 


Here is one of the cleanest all original condition bell boxes that you will ever find! This 1880's vintage piece has 8 melodies, each of which are listed on the tune card in the lid. It has a good sized cabinet measuring 19" wide by 11" deep. All of the teeth in the comb are original and the plating on the bells is still very clean. The original wood grained finish is untouched and the lid inlay of beautiful flowers is complete and about perfect. The spring is strong enough to play through all of the tunes on one winding and then some. It has a very quiet governor. This wonderful old box looks to have been truly taken care off. Don't miss it.

 Priced at only $1,450.00. Shipping in the US is $45.00 and to Europe $175.00 as a direct airport pickup only. All taxes, duty, or other import fees, if any, are the responsibility of the buyer.




 Please listen how it sounds




Here is a fantastic large 17 1/2" Swiss cylinder music box that plays 12 tunes and is in a case that is 29" long. It still has its original tune card list up in the lid. All of the selections are known. Outside of having it polished and cleaned up a little, it plays and works well. The case has two cast ornate handles on it. This box is easily worth several thousand dollars, but the price of $1,900 is very low and reasonable. Don't miss it. Shipping in the US is $75.00 and to areas outside the US, I offer direct airport pickup only. Please inquire first.


          Please listen how it sounds.





This is a very fine Swiss cylinder music box made with a solid brass bed plate, key wind, bottom three lever controls, natural wood finish inside and out, and no dust cover glass which are all characteristics of a pre 1950 cylinder music box. Just listen to that early feather like sound!! These boxes are rare and hard to find and is around 160 years old! The comb is very fine with many teeth to the inch and it is all original without ever having any teeth replaced. The case measures just over 13 1/2" long. It has 4 elaborate selections on it and is a darling piece for any collection. It can be had for only $1,650.00. Shipping in the US is $25.00. In Europe, $125.00 not including customs fees, if any.



        Please listen how it sounds.



There is no finer, larger, or more sought after musical Christmas tree stand than this one, the Kalliope 50-GT 6 bell box unit in the large and beautiful 22 1/2" walnut cabinet. This particular example is in excellent, 100% original condition and from the 1890's, that's a feat! There is zero damper noise and the 6 bells are beautifully in tune with the musical comb, which is also perfect. It comes with 12 beautiful discs, including the highly coveted selection, "Silent Night". This I recorded on the sound file along with a nice march selection. There are more discs available. The tree cup is original along with the rarely found cup bolt tightening key! This unit is ready to be enjoyed year around as the ultimate Christmas tree music box stand.

Shipping in the US is $55.00 and to Europe, Asia, or other places, inquire for shipping price first.

Offered at - $4900.00




It is very difficult to find a Polyphon 11" disc box that has double combs! I'd say 95% or better are just single comb, but now and then, you get lucky. It plays Regina discs as well and comes with a nice pile of tunes, 14 total. The case is very nice and has the original finish and outside of a few light scratches and small dents, it is in fine condition. This piece would date from the late 1890's. Excellent lid print. Beautiful walnut panels on the top in a picture framed style. Very long playing and quiet motor for several minutes. Don't miss it.

Shipping within the US is $55.00 because of the large case and to Europe and other areas, please get rates prior to purchasing.


Priced at - $2275.00



It is true, the Polyphon music box company was the predecessor to the Regina firm that was set up in America and this piece will play the 11" Polyphon or Regina disc with equal beauty. This piece is an excellent example of the 11" Polyphon box with a beautiful celluloid name trademark inlaid on top of the lid. The figurative walnut veneer makes this box very striking. It plays with wonderful bass and has a rich volume on all 12 of the discs supplied with it and the comb has all of its original teeth. The lid print is about perfect with all of the musical cherubs playing and singing as they appeared over 110 years ago. The case measures about 13" square. Don't miss this powerful sounding piece.

Shipping in the US is $40.00 and to Europe $165.00 with direct mailing. Other areas of the world inquire first before buying.


Price is  -  $1950.00





Here is an excellent bell box that plays with good volume and a great sound! The case measures about 11" square and comes with a total of 13 discs. The bells are very well in tune with the box and it has a good starting library of music. The inlay in the lid is beautiful and complete and the under side lid print is in very good condition as well. This is a fine Victorian 1890's box. Additional sound files available, too!

Shipping in the US is $45.00. Outside of the US, please inquire first before purchasing.


Offered at  -  $ 2100.00




This is perhaps the finest sounding Regina music box that I have ever offered for sale! This is the elusive Regina style 240 Reginaphone, combination music box and phonograph in a fancy solid mahogany upright cabinet. The tone and volume are hardly possible to match this particular instrument. It plays with a fullness and beauty that is a marvel and the music box sound is amplified with a SPECIAL internal spruce horn. This horn has a duel purpose and double channel; one is for the music box sound and the other is for the great sounding phonograph. The piece is 100% original with the original finish! It comes with 14 super 15 1/2" discs as well as an album full of good vintage phonograph records. This piece would date from the early 1910's and is very seldom found. Cabinet has working lock and key. Don't miss this dream piece. Shipping in the US is $375.00. Other areas, please inquire first before purchasing. 

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